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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Last night I dreamt (dreamed or dreamt? lit a match or lighted a match?) that my kids and I were walking through the middle of this busy, bright, neon downtown of some major city, and there was a sidewalk game where you put in a dollar and this giant checkerboard unfolded from the wall, then giant checkers shot up into the air so that you could catch them and play a game. I thought it was the greatest. The thing is, I probably would think it was the greatest. I love boardwalks full of tourist shops that sell seashell refrigerator magnets and goofy t-shirts and those birds that tip over into a glass of water. I love the fair, love hidden pockets of large cities and out-of-the-way diners and junk shops. Don't get me wrong...I grew up playing in the woods, in the creek in the woods, and going fishing, rowing a boat across the lake, camping by myself. I still love to hike, to be outdoors, still love the water. But I think I love the other stuff more. This is hard to admit. Recently, Heather and I started a novel that was set in western British Columbia, in the rainforest there, about a search for the Spirit Bear. The novel was to be ecologically aware, full of stirring passages and Deep Meaning about the majestic wilderness and Man's place in it. We bailed after two chapters. And here was the hard thing to admit....We're just not that noble. So now we are working on a book that features corn dogs and the county fair. But I don't think it's a bad thing, really. I think we find our meaning not in the grand forests full of 1000 year old trees, not in the sweeping vistas of nature, but in regular people, being their regular selves. Meaning is in the everyday, in the ways people try to connect, try to live inside their own vulnerable hearts with a little distraction thrown in. And nowhere do you find people being more themselves than when they are playing Whack-A-Mole and eating a funnel cake. Or maybe that's just me.



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