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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, first of all, if there is going to be something called the pan sandwich, you could really just call it the "panwich." And seventeen isn't so old for a cat anymore, not with today's scientifically advanced cat foods and cat workout routines....seventeen is the new thirteen. for quesadillas, I believe the definition is just two tortillas with cheese in between, along with anything else (chicken, salsa, etc.). "Queso," of course, means cheese. I mean, I took high school spanish, and I remember how to say "cheese" and "shoe," so I know this. I am all set if I go to Mexico and need to ask for a cheese shoe. Anyway, there is no caveat about the kind of cheese, so who's to say I can't use dill cheese? I could use string cheese if I want to, though I think I would draw the line at cottage cheese and cream cheese. But maybe not. In fact, this brings up the larger point....I think Heather should really be encouraging--in fact, applauding-- this kind of culinary experimentation. Without that pioneering spirit among chefs such as myself, we might never have had, say, the corndog. Someone--some genius, I mean--first thought of putting a hotdog on a stick and deep frying it in batter. Do I even have to mention the deep fried pickle or the deep fried Oreo cookie? Really, everyone should be thanking me. So, to that're welcome.

And yes, there are deep fried Oreos, and since I know Heather wants to try one, I will post the recipe here. Good day.....


Deep Fried Oreos
1 cup buttermilk pancake mix
3/4 cup ice water
1 quart vegetable oil
14 Oreo cookies
Powdered sugar

Freeze cookies for three hours. In a heavy-gauge 3-quart saucepan heat oil to 350 degrees. While oil is heating, set up a cookie sheet with paper towels for draining. In a medium-sized mixing bowl stir water into buttermilk pancake mix until thoroughly combined. As soon as the batter is smooth, dip each cookie, one at a time, into batter and smooth batter, making a thin coat completely around the cookie. Place coated cookie carefully into hot oil. Repeat for each cookie. Fry on both sides, turning over once until golden brown. Remove fried cookie from hot oil with metal tongs and drain on paper towels. Dust with powdered sugar. Let cool slightly (about two minutes) before serving. Note: Success depends on the batter, which insulates the Oreo from direct contact with the oil. If the battering of the cookie is done right, it will become a delicious, edible shell and protect the melted cookie.


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