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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The postman may only ring once

Okay… so today I was so tired and I had to get up and do a running race… early. Then more commitments… Finally I had to lie down (for just a couple of minutes) on my bed. I didn’t even have sheets on my bed because I was washing them. So flash forward two hours later and I wake up in one of those panics, like I’ve lost something or forgotten something. And I have creases on my face from the mattress pad and my eyes don’t quite focus and there may be drool on my cheek. (I know – ewww.) I spend about five minutes stumbling around my house, trying to figure out what it is I’ve forgotten… And it’s this. I was supposed to put food out on my porch for the mail carrier food drive. I check the clock, peek out at the mailbox. There’s still time… so I go into the pantry and start pulling things out. Can of pumpkin, some tuna, a bag of brown rice…. water chestnuts (who put those in there?), a box of pasta, a jar of tomato sauce. Then I hear him at the door, putting mail into my box… Now I’m running/tripping to get to the front door… “Here,” I say, opening the door. “Um, thanks,” he says. He’s looking at me for longer than he should. Then he rubs his cheek … still looking at me. No, at my face. “Oh,” I say, putting my hand up to my cheek and feeling the lines there and maybe some drool residue… (I know… ewww!). “Thanks,” he says and it seems like he is in a bigger hurry than usual to get back to his truck. So, now I’ve done it. I’ve scared my mailman. The UPS guy already thinks I’m a lunatic, but that’s a story for another day.



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