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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

snack foods

A week or so ago, I stopped at a convenience store with the kids, and my daughter Alex picked out snowballs as a know snowballs, the kind of round cupcakes covered in coconut? Here's what I don't get....when you buy snowballs, you now have two choices: white or pink. I don't understand the pink. I mean, it's supposed to resemble a snowball, the white ones, right? In the world of snack foods, I think this passes for cleverness. But there are no pink snowballs in the real world, unless there's massive bleeding involved, and I don't think they want us making that connection when we eat their food. So, maybe they just wanted to add some color, to really shake up the whole world of packaged cupcakes, but why pink? Why not light blue? If you think about, real snow kinda looks light blue sometimes, especially at night. The only choice worse than pink would have been yellow....a yellow snowball. They also still make candy cigarettes and bubblegum cigarettes. When I was a kid, the gum ones were always covered in powdered sugar which you could blow out the end, and pretend you were smoking. I can't believe those are still around. It's like if they made candy heroin or something. And no one believes me, but they used to make chocolate-covered Twinkies. No, not some Twinkie imitator....real Twinkies, with a chocolate topping. Now I never see them....I mean, what? People were concerned about their health and diet, and so just decided to stick with the plain Twinkies?



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