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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Time: 2:30pm
Location: Barnes and Noble Tyler, Texas
Mission: promote the book

It begins with me nervously watching a group of girls looking at “Scrambled Eggs”… while of course trying not to look like I’m looking. I’m craning my neck… are they smiling? Are they laughing? One of them tucks it under her arm and moves down the row. One of the other girls – this one brunette, pink flip-flops, nose-ring picks up another copy and looks at it. Puts it back… (I try not to look disappointed. I mean, I’m checking out the latest issue of Yoga Journal – not much to be disappointed in there.) Two more now. One is a guy – baseball cap, cargo shorts. He picks it up, reads the back – nods and hands it to his – girlfriend? – she reads the back… I think I might be holding the magazine upside down. She nods and puts it in her stack. I duck behind the magazine as they pass. I think briefly about offering to sign their books, but panic. The baseball cap guy and his – definitely girlfriend (the hand on the lower back was a dead giveaway) pass by. I smile. She smiles – says hi. Here’s my chance. “Ummm. Do you want me to sign that?” I ask. Uh oh.. confusion is all over their faces. “I mean, I am ummm. I wrote that.” Whew – this is way harder than writing a novel. Now there is a flurry of pages turning and then she holds up the book, looking from it to me and back to it. (I’m nodding and I’m sure my face is crazy pink now.) “Oh my god…” the girlfriend says and then in a voice waaay to loud for B and N… “Stacy, come here.” Now there are four of them… all around me, asking questions and smiling and pushing their books at me. (Even baseball cap guy)… I smile and answer questions. One they’re gone I head to Starbucks. I think I earned myself a coffee… Whew.

Stay tuned for more awkward moments….

Oh and check out a great review and interview at Cynthia Leitich Smith's site...

Bye for now -- Heather


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