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Sunday, June 11, 2006

No more cars

Somehow I got myself into it and it’s weird really because I am not really the activist type. I mean I have opinions – lots of them and I am extremely pig-headed when it comes to my way of thinking, but my ideology is mostly about me. I live my life the way I think it should be lived and try to leave everyone else alone – unless they are doing something illegal or throwing trash in my yard or something. So, like I said starting a movement is pretty out of character for me, but I did. I started the Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive – meaning for the whole month of June anyone who signs up parks his or her car in the garage and leaves it there. It’s tricky… even after only a week and a half, but here is the weird part. Besides the obvious (saving gas, treading more lightly on Mother Earth and all that) it is making a real difference in my life. Walking is a revelation. I walk everywhere now. And, you notice so much more when you aren’t rushing by at 55 miles per hour or 30 miles per hour. I see people out working in their gardens. I notice that a house has a new coat of paint or that my neighbor has a lawn gnome. I can take the bus too – and have. Some places are too far away, but it’s making me wish that I lived somewhere without a car. I wish I could just walk to everything I needed and be done with the whole driving thing. It’s funny – when I was 15, I wanted more than anything to drive. Now, I want to walk…. Weird.



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