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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In the dark

I lost all power (well, the city where I live, not me) last night at midnight. First off, it was really hot, with no a/c and no fans, so I had no chance of sleeping. I walked outside around the town at 4:00 in the morning, and it was very forget what no-light looks like. No lights from stop lights or from the bank clock (I live downtown in my little town) or from apartment windows or TV sets or store displays or EXIT signs or from anywhere. No cars. And in some strange way I haven't figured out, sound must be connected to light in ways we don't even notice, because it was also more quiet than I could imagine. When one car finally did go by, the engine sounded like this huge intrusion, and the headlights looked like steel spikes. Everything looked dead, and spooky, and cool. I have a good building for gong dark, if you like spooky, because it's a hundred years old and used to house a funeral home, and they embalmed bodies in the basement (there are still a sloped floor and drains down there). Everything looked different, and sometimes that's all you want to see, something different. Then I think there were others who couldnt sleep because of the heat, because I started to see the flickers of candles in apartment windows, which made the whole building look like a giant jack-o'-lantern. A few people with flashlights coming out of the buildings, the occasional glow of a cellphone. I didn't really sleep, until 5:00, and that ended at 6:00 a.m.....when the power came back on and suddenly my entire place was one giant alarm clock....the TV came on, and all the lights, and the a/c, and the computer. The answering machine told me, in a human voice, to press the review key for setup instructions. Not the best way to wake up, not when some spooked part of your brain thinks it's the voice of the basemented dead, speaking so clearly. I think I need a nap.



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