Brad & Heather's Journal

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Heather

The fact that tomorrow is Heather's birthday has me thinking about memories of birthdays from when I was a kid. I know people now who make it really elaborate--hire magicians and clowns, hire "birthday organizers" (by the way, my favorite suggested title for a sequel to Snakes On A Plane is Spiders On A Clown), but it was never like that for me. Cake, pointy hats, blow out the candles, open presents, take some Polaroids, and you were done. I once did a pirate-themed birthday for my son Lucas, but mostly because it allowed me to be dressed as a pirate the entire day. And that was a organizers were hired. I remember when I was about eight years old, and Ty Lang, the kid next door (who I now think had a pretty cool name), had a party. His mom had this bizarre and cruel game whereby you had to stand over a Coke bottle and hold a clothespin on your nose, then release the pin and have it go inside the bottle. I found this to be impossible to do, and I wanted to do it because anyone who could do it got a new Hotwheels car as a prize, which was pretty amazing when the typical prize was something like an uninflated balloon. But I couldn't do it. I kept trying, even after others had moved on to the cake and ice cream portion of the festivities. I was so frustrated, that I left. I mean, I just watched the last clothespin glance off the side of the bottle, and I walked out the back door and down the street to my house. I didn't wait for presents, didn't eat any cake, didn't tell Mrs. Lang I was leaving. I just bailed. Really, who could blame me? Most birthday memories are better than that, though. The best birthday I got a pair of stilts....a pale substitution for the unicycle I wanted, but still pretty good. My daughter Alex every year asks for pet food and pet supplies for her birthday, which she then donates to the local shelter. I think that's a great idea, one I wish would spread. Anyway, happy birthday to you, Heather. Just for fun, see if you can drop a clothespin into a Coke bottle....


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wanting Something to Happen

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be vague like that. It’s in the ambiguity that the universe gets you. I think I’m just having that in-between-seasons blues. I mean, it’s not summer anymore… school’s in, it’s past Labor Day, it’s not a thousand degrees out, but it’s not autumn either (see, I like autumn – it sounds much more fancy-pants than fall). There aren’t any leaves changing yet. There’s no crisp feeling in the air. No pumpkins in the grocery stores. They don’t even have the Halloween candy out yet. (Now, that’s weird). I guess it’s also because my birthday’s coming up. And, because of the date – I can’t even be that excited anymore. I mean, because I was born on 9/11 and then five years ago everything happened, suddenly I can’t be pleased it’s my birthday. Don’t get me wrong. I feel all the same things everyone else feels on that day. I feel shock that it happened, sad at the senseless loss of life… but I want to have just a little bit of happy for my birthday. It’s selfish, I know, but there it is. So, I’m sitting here, waiting for something to happen. But, I’m going to try to be a bit more specific because “something” might mean something bad and I don’t want that.

More later,