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Friday, October 06, 2006

Deliciousness Has Landed

I think I might have an addiction and it’s kind of an embarrassing one. I’m addicted to Goldfish – yes those oh so delicious cheese crackers. It is so bad that I can only buy them in the snack packs. If someone were to give me one of those huge containers like they sell at Sam’s Club or Costco, I’d be doomed. I mean, it’s not a small problem. If there are Goldfish in the house… I will eat them. And not just a few. I will eat them until they are gone. I don’t know what it is… I can refuse any other crackers or chips, but cheddar Goldfish…(And don’t try to sneak by on those Dolphins or whatever the off brand Goldfish is… they are not the same.) Off brands. Who decided to that Goldfish were too expensive and that the world needed another aquatic animal snack that was more affordable for middle America. I always love that the off brands try to have tricky names so maybe you won’t notice. Some of them are really bad though. Like “It’s Not Butter,” and “Dr. Thunder”.

I have to go. There is still one snack pack of Goldfish left and I can hear its siren call.


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